Our Electronic Medication solution will transform the way you administer medication. No need for carrying around or storing bulky MAR folders. Looking through messy MAR sheets and having to worry about keeping stock. Mirrors all care home pharmacy MAR. Easy for care or nursing staff to understand and use effectively.

  • Electronic control systems for safe and easy practice of administration
  • Up to date and comprehensive information on medication for carers to access with ease at any time
  • Improve service and accountability. Head office or senior staff can track medication administered using real time tools and see missed medication with alerts
  • Very simple and easy to use from carers perspective
  • Electronic process to administer in same method as care home pharmacy systems easy to learn for care staff
  • Reduce the risk of missing medication, safeguard against errors
  • Real time audit fully compliant with NICE guidelines
  • Place order with any pharmacy in relation to monthly medication
  • Fully integrated with blister and original packaging administration
  • No long-term contracts and tie ups with equipment suppliers