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About Us

Care Vision was born from the challenges of running a care home

Care Vision uses technology that not only organises care work but ensures a safer, better and more intimate experience for every member of the community, from administration and carers to residents, family and friends.

So, it is no surprise that a team of care home managers with over 40 years of experience conceived a suite of technology to fundamentally simplify and streamline the work they do.

Rishi Jawaheer has been a director of the Jawa Group for over 12 years. His parents came to the UK from overseas in the 1970s, training as specialist mental health nurses and later working as nursing managers in the NHS. The family’s first dementia care home was established in the 1980s, in SE London.

Rishi grew up in this home with his parents providing care and service. The Jawa Group now operates three services within a purpose-built care village on the original site. During his directorship Rishi has overseen many changes in the company, including the early adoption of sector-specific technology. Rishi’s role within the business is pivotal to the delivery of high quality EMI care.

Rishi is also the director of Namaste Care International, which promotes meaningful activity to dementia service users. The Jawa group is an active member of national care association and supports campaigns to highlight important issues facing the care industry to MPs and peers. We explore ways we can use technology to make work more centred around the service users from the carers perspective.

Every aspect of the company’s care provision is driven by a firm commitment to caring for the individual. The Jawaheer family have been nominated as finalists in National Dementia care awards in categories of best care home and lifetime achievement in dementia

Rishi formed a collaboration with leading software developer Sharib Sarfraz, together they have built a team of outstanding developers. Consulting with carers, families and professionals we have created Care Vision. A solution built from the challenges of providing care and recording required information in real situations. Care vision has been designed to meet the complex needs of individuals using the service, from the perspective of carers. The quality of the record keeping satisfies the regulators. We have designed an all in one care solution that is versatile and robust. This has been demonstrated during recent CQC inspections with fantastic feedback. Giving first class customer service. Responsive to feedback from clients and can accommodate requests or new ideas. We work with providers to create a tailor-made solution that suits your service.

Introducing Care Vision

At Care Vision we know that simplifying means unifying: the many types of tasks and departments that share space under your one roof should also share one integrated system. From prescriptions and therapies to food prep, housekeeping, health & safety, HR and family visits.

Leveraging all the latest connective technology Care Vision makes even small tasks quicker and easier while keeping a log of all activity. A cloud-based solution available on multiple platforms, including desktop tablet and mobile devices. Not only does this prevent errors in task execution, it ensures transparent completion of each required task, providing a verified log of every action, fulfils even the most detail-specific current or future compliance regulations.